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Co-Branded / Private-Labeled (logo, colors, fonts, favicon, etc.)

You will be able to seamlessly integrate your alaQuote tools into your vendor's website by using their own logo and colors and fonts. This brand-centricity is a real driving force.

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End-User Finance Application

Create custom finance applications with as much or as little information as you need.

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Secure Application Data Retrieval System

Once an application is submitted, you will receive email notification with a link to download the saved data from our secure portal.

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Credit Release Authorization Form

Create your own custom form displayed once the application is submitted. It can have signature lines for each completed guarantor, and optionally append the application data for easier funding approval.

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Payment Calculator

The gem of alaQuote!

Create an endless number of custom financing programs that can be shared between different vendors, while still being flexible and even allow for high/low credit rating pricing structures.

Section 179 Tax Calculator
Shows how much saving a client can achieve by seamlessly displaying all of the current regulations. You can even change the rates based on your industry.
Return On Investment Calculator

Useful for very targeted audiences where the items being financed are known.

It allows for a salesperson to generate a detailed report showing exactly how much return can be garnered based on expected future use of financed equipment.

Quote Letter
Once a calculation is performed, the end-user, generally the salesperson, may generate a detailed quote letter based on each of the payment terms, lengths and buyout types available to the vendor. This is created in PDF format and displayed on-the-fly, as well as being emailed to the applicant.
Custom Landing Pages For Each Client

Convincing an end-user that financing is the right direction to proceed is half the battle of closing the deal.

With alaQuote's ability to create a tailored financing landing page which can be inserted directly into the vendor's website, you get to be the one who educates the end-user.

The page can be updated anytime you'd like without the need to have your vendor update their site.

Mobile Friendly (desktop, tablet, cell phone)
We've been developing newer, faster, more mobile friendly tools which can go with salespeople while they may be away from their desks.
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Data Available for Import in XML Format

Getting a user to fill out an online form is great, but then what? How do you process that data?

With alaQuote, we help you by not only sending you an email recap, you'll also get an XML file which can be imported into most CRM packages, like Advantage by Preferred Business Solutions.

No more retyping information from a simple data entry form, or worse yet... a paper application.

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Multiple Email Notifications Sent To All Concerned

Once virtually anything is processed within alaQuote, all desired parties are instantly emailed of the status.

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Custom Reports To Track Your Efforts

Our reports module allows you to quantify the calculations, quotes and applications submitted from specific vendors, over certain time periods, or using specific finance programs.

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Add-on Modules App Only alaQuote
Section 179 Tax Widget

While our standard calculator offers a built-in Section 179 Tax breakout, your vendor may benefit from being able to provide their customers a quick, synopsis right on their website.

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Shopping Cart 'Buy Me' Widget

This little piece of code allows you to display a best-case 'finance now' price for each and every item advertised on your vendors website.

The end-user will now know more than the fact that the equipment costs $5,000 and can be financed, they will also know immediately that it can be financed for as little as $95.00/mo.

The finaced price is calculated on-the-fly from your current rate sheets. If your rates change, the price automatically reflects the new rate.

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Vendor Points Enabled Calculator

If you offer a Points bonus to your vendor's salespeople, let them use this little add-on to figure out the best price for their customer, while maximizing their profits.

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